Netzwerk Mehrgenerationen Riesbach


As a cooperative we create a multi-generation network in Riesbach and contribute to a socially mixed neighbourhood.

NeMeRi in short

NeMeRi-Flyer for download (in German)

As a cooperative, we want to create a network of multi-generation houses in Riesbach. In addition to affordable living space for house communities, shops for goods of daily use and social services can be created within the network. The cooperative promotes a sustainable lifestyle and wants to help shape development in Seefeld with its project.

If you want to sell your house and do something for a mixed and lively Seefeld, this is a good opportunity.

Monthly Meeting

Di 28. Januar 2020,
Mi 26. Februar 2020,
Do 26. März 2020,

Di 28. April 2020,

Mi 27. Mai 2020 (GV),

Do 25. Juni 2020,

Di 25. August 2020,

Mi 30. September 2020,

Do 29. Oktober 2020,

Di 24. November 2020,

from 19.30 for new interested parties / from 20.00 for members at GZ Riesbach, Seefeldstr. 93, 8008 Zürich

NeMeRi in short
Membership form

Membership form

Formular zum Download, Ausfüllen und Einsenden: Willkommen !

The annual membership fee is one hundred francs. In addition, a membership share certificate of five hundred francs must be acquired, which is refunded in the event of withdrawal.