Within the context of the project “Wandellust”, a temporary use in the old parish house Neumünster im Seefeld, Manuel Lehmann has dealt with the situation in the district Riesbach. It quickly became clear to the trained social worker with a specialisation in socio-cultural animation and a focus on sustainability and joint economic projects that a building and housing cooperative can counteract “Seefeldisation”.

In addition, he realized that it is becoming more and more difficult for older people to find affordable housing if they have to resign. They are increasingly moving directly into old people’s homes. It is clear that new models are needed due to demographic developments and the changing needs of the 1968 generation. This led to the idea of creating a network of multi-generational houses in Riesbach in which residents could exchange ideas and services.

In November 2017 Manuel Lehmann organized a first information meeting. Since 2018 monthly meetings of all interested parties have taken place in the centre of Riesbach. In September 2018 the orientation of the cooperative was consolidated in an all-day workshop. In the course of this process, working groups were set up to advance the project.

Founding assembly

On 27 February 2019, some 30 interested parties founded the NeMeRi cooperative. They adopted the previously drawn up statutes and elected six persons to the Board.

Not all homeowners who want to sell their house agree with the current “Seefeldisierung”. That is why we are convinced that we will soon be able to continue our history with the acquisition of the first houses.