The Cooperative

Starting point

The Riesbach district is strongly affected by gentrification. If houses are for sale, maximum prices are usually achieved. As a result, more and more affordable housing is being lost. The social mix of the neighborhood and the associated liveliness are disappearing.

The idea

As a cooperative we want to create a network connecting the various generations living in Riesbach (NeMeRi) and thus contribute to a socially mixed neighborhood. In addition to living space for house communities, shops can be created that offer everyday goods and social services. With a mix of generations in the houses and sustainable services in the commercial premises, the project shows a network character with new possibilities in terms of urban planning. Unusual plots of land or difficult to use existing buildings can thus be activated and used in a stable manner. Participatory structures and the promotion of a sustainable lifestyle are part of the project

The Vision

Our long-term goal is to build a network of properties for more than five hundred people. The cooperative consciously accepts the challenge of maintaining existing buildings in such a way that they meet sustainable criteria. The usage mix is adapted to the building and not the other way around. This allows for a variety of apartment sizes and types of housing. The changing accommodation needs of the respective phase of life (education, family, partnership, single, old age) can be adapted to by moving within the network without giving up the neighborhood reference and the social networks. In this way, the housing is used economically and the social neighborhood structures are strengthened by a stable network.

Social services

The network engages shops and service providers that cover everyday needs such as food, health, personal care and recreation. Under the principle of sustainability, it enters into partnerships with existing institutions, but also seeks new, innovative solutions

Target groups

The residents of the network houses are open to new forms of consumption and living. Innovative cooperatives such as «Kalkbreite / Mehr als Wohnen / Kraftwerk», all three also in Zürich, show that this is a way of targeting a broad population with very different backgrounds. Good networking in the district and partnerships with associations, municipal offices, etc. are important. The communication is at least bilingual in order to appeal to new residents who have only moved in in recent years.

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Membership form

The annual membership fee is one hundred francs. In addition, a membership subscription certificate of five hundred francs must be purchased, which will be refunded in the event of withdrawal.